Good Cop Bad Cop

This weekend was alot of fun. A friend of mine just moved to Boston so he had a little housewarming party. The party wasn’t too big…. I’d say about 15 of us at its peak. Nothing to big, just some beer pong and snacks.

Well, apparently we were being a little loud because at about 930 the cops stroll in. To make this easier to follow i’ll break it down to good cop and bad cop.

Bad Cop: “What do we have here … a college party”

Alot of us already graduated and probobly make more than this guy does for a living…. but we kept our mouths shut.

Bad Cop: “Who here is under 21”

The three youngins step forward

Bad Cop: “I need the lease owners outside, NOW!”

So we stand there as our friend proceeds outisde and the other cop stays in with us.

Good Cop: “Sorry guys. If I were in charge I would have just popped my head in and said quiet down. Don’t know how this guy plans on handeling it.”

Good Cop: “What the hell is this?” as he proceeds to pick up a beer off the table.

Me: “It’s some kind of Italian beer, tastes kind of like Dos Equis but a little lighter”

So my friend George looks over at me and goes “Dude shut up he wasn’t asking you”

Good Cop: “Um, Ya I was. You think because I’m a cop I don’t drink? You need to calm down a little there buddy, it’s going to be okay”

See that’s how it should be. Cops and humans getting along as one. They should just being doing their jobs and not letting it get to their heads. Another thing… they should stop beating people up. I think that about sums it up.

So basically they just told us to turn the music down and the Bad Cop said if he had to come back he was taking people in. Der. It’s people like him that give his proffesion a bad name.

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