Life's a Game, Play It Well

I haven’t decided whether I just can’t take being told im wrong about something or if other people have a hard time justifying their arguments. I feel like ad hominem’s have become legitimate forms of argument. Maybe I should put it on myself to stop getting into it with people. Maybe some people just don’t care as much as I do. Shit, maybe it’s MY PROBLEM.

I’m not going to start getting a “cuz I said so” type of attitude. But maybe just start throwing in the white flag and giving a sarcastic “fine you win”. I tend to get riled up pretty easily.

I just love rational argument; going against the grain and the meaning of life. LOVE IT. If anything, the meaning of life is in figuring it out. We’ve got brains, lets challenge each other.

I guess that would mean that the meaning of life is competition. We do it our whole lives…. video games, sports, school, work, conversation.

But maybe Im just a competitive self absorbed know it all. Either way I’m having a good time.

So the name of the game is “Survival”, the game board is our universe and we are the peices. Play to come out on top, whether that means happiness or success.

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