Something's Gotta Give

I feel like I’m stuck in a very awkward position. I guess it shouldn’t really be a problem, however this is where one of my personality traits gets exploited and I don;t know what to do.

Basically, I don’t know if I like my job anymore. The workload is going up and my salary is staying the same.

Another thing that’s bothers me is when people think they know how to do my job. I don’t pretend to know how to do yours …. so don’t pretend you know how to do mine. What happens is you just lower your level of intelligence down a few notches by proving you think you know what your talking about when you really don’t. Save your confidence for something you can stand by.

Case in point:
The Problem: “Can’t connect to two database connections within the same content management system at the same time”
Proposed Solution: “Do them one at a time”

If you couldn’t figure it out yourself, the previous “solution” is obvious, however it is also obviously not that easy.


So I am feeling under appreciated, underpaid, and under motivated. I’m hoping fall will cheer me up a little bit. Fall in the north shore is my favorite time and place combo ever. I mean if you don’t count buffalo and chicken (best combo ever).

The other thing that would cheer me up is obviously a pay raise, some praise and maybe the motivation thing will fall into place.

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