Working Out Of The House

The best part of freelancing is that I get to work from home. You would think this is awesome but recently I’ve been finding it hard to focus. I have this reflex I can’t seem to control where whenever I am in between projects or having a hard time with something, I automatically open Minecraft or right click the Steam icon in the bottom right corner of my desktop.

To solve this problem and overcome my gaming addiction I need to get myself out of the house to actually get any work done. I’m not sure if it’s actually the change in scenery or the fact that without a mouse I can’t game but either way it helps. I should try an experiment where my girlfriend hides my mouse from me during work hours. It does suck a little because I am definitely more productive with my mouse but whatever, this is what I have to deal with.

So I usually end up walking down the street to Starbucks. On occasion I will head into one of the offices of my clients nearby but I really only like working from one of them, because they’re pretty awesome. I’ve also graced the Mass Challenge offices a few times which is nice because of all the startups crunching away getting shit done. A cool environment to be in.

Starbucks however is my location of choice. Maybe it’s the easy access to delicious coffee of all varieties or maybe it’s the diverse group of people coming and going but I just like it. It does seem pretty cliche, a web developer working from Starbucks, but it works.

That’s all for today. I’m due for refill of the ice coffee and I need to get some work done.