The Laundry Blues

Photo by Paul Keleher

I feel like every time I make the trek downstairs to do laundry; the door is locked, the washer is full, or both the washer and dryer are full. This has been a recurring problem not only in this apartment … but everywhere I’ve ever lived. College laundry rooms were always full with kids stuff left over night. The laundromat at camp when I was 16 was always full because everyone did laundry on the same day. Why must the simple chores of a single 20something become harder at everyone elses expense.

Alas, the perils of apartment living. It turns out it’s not just me … and we’ve even developed unspoken rules as to when its okay to interfere with some elses laundry routine.

For example, It’s ok to take stuff out of a dryer if everything seems dry as long as you neatly place it in the basket provided. Taking stuff out of the wash can get touchy.

I’ve also grown accustomed to walking softly and keeping it down after 10pm. I think that’s more just ingrained in me from my childhood. I was never quite able to figure out how I could walk up the stairs any quieter. Whatever … I’m older and wiser now. I just wear thick socks everywhere around the house. I’ve never seen a ninja get yelled at for being to loud walking up the stairs.

So this is my time killer while I wait for the laundry to be done. Crappy part is I have to walk around back of the house to go take it out of the dryer. This is gonna suck in the winter but I guess it’s better than not having one at all.