Connected More Than Ever


I’ve been so busy with work I never update this blog anymore. Hopefully I can change that. I finally got a more capable phone and can now easily post to WordPress using the Android WordPress app. So i’m hoping between this and voice input I can find the time to insert my random thoughts here. This also means my random thoughts might get more random but I’m ok with that.

In other news I’m trying to wrap up a side project that ended up being a lot harded than I expected. I’ve accomplished a lot I had never done before with it so it’s all been worth it. It helps that the client is pretty cool and has been very understanding.

Hopefully this will be my last side project for awhile now as I move on to bigger and better things. Either way I’m looking forward to the morning so I can wake up early to move my car and get some Starbucks. Living in Boston has been swell.

5am and I feel like I should be working on something but instead I’m in bed writing this post. Forcing myself to fall asleep now. Good night moon