The Government Just Saved Us From Flavored Cigarettes


Good thing the federal government just banned the sale of flavored cigarettes. Now less teens will start smoking. It’s a good think we learned our lesson from the last time we had a prohibition.


Are they serious?

Once again the government has successfully created a situation where teens who DO want to smoke flavored tobacco products will have to go about obtaining them in a black market … awesome.

The best part about this whole thing is no one knows what a flavored cigarette is. However, when you read the actual ban you can see the end goal is to stop the selling of any kind of flavored tobacco product … or in other words … any product that puts tobacco in your lungs alongside any kind of flavoring. The problem they are having is in their choice of words but they have made it very clear of their intentions.

But do they really think this will prevent teens from smoking?

What we really need to do is a better job educating and creating better role models. Taking away freedoms is a poor means of education. I personally don’t smoke cigarettes altho I may have found a few uses for flavored cigar leaves.

But it’s not even about that. It’s about education and freedom. What about all the adults who enjoyed these products but will no longer be able to obtain them. They won’t quit, I’ll tell you that much.

What are you thoughts on the matter?

– Photo by Shannon Coffey