TV About Life …. and Pot

Favorite TV Station?



Two shows:

  • Weeds
  • Bullshit

So the problem is I haven’t had showtime since my sophomore year of college…. now about 3 years ago. Yet I have somehow managed to never miss an episode of Weeds and I try to stay on top of my Bullshit.

You may be saying… silly pot head, those are stupid pot head shows. Hold on a minute. Both have received multiple award nominations and touch on a bunch of topics besides drugs that will hit a lot of people close to home.

But lets just say, theoretically, i did smoke pot…. isn’t it bad for me. Well first I would say, go watch Penn and Teller’s Bullshit on the War on Drugs. Then I would tell you this….

At my last doctor’s appointment I was told I had an enlarged heart. At first they thought it was a cardiomyopathy but then I just found out, i have a big heart. Sounds awesome, except blood flows slowly through my body which makes me tired all the time. So i asked the doctor if there is anything I could do to make sure i stay healthy. He said “cut back on the alcohol”… not a problem because I dont drink much to begin with. Then I asked, well what about smoking …. “nope thats fine… you can do that all you want”.

So that’s my story everyone, stay healthy and get Showtime.

2 thoughts on “TV About Life …. and Pot

  1. Well he wasn’t talking about cigarettes …. and vaporized pot isn’t toxic enough to harm you at all. So I think he did a pretty good diagnosis.

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