Don't talk down to me… I'm taller than you

This will be my first true venting post.

I HATE being talked down to. My moms boyfriend thinks he’s hot shit. He’s “been in business since before I was born”. Just now, while talking to me, he told me that he just gave me $100,000 worth of advice in 28 minutes that took him years in college to learn.


If you spent $100,000 dollars on an education that you can spit back at me in 28 minutes you fucked up BAD. Okay I know that’s stretching it a bit. But I know what he was doing.

I don’t want to completely bash the guy because he is very good to my mom. He just treats me like a failure. He’s not so good at the whole positive reinforcement thing. Everything he said I couldn’t do because “he couldn’t do it when he was my age”, IVE DONE.

  • He said I wouldn’t be able to get a job playing video games.
  • I taught 12 year olds how to make video games at MIT for a whole summer – I win
  • He said I would end up working at market basket without a degree.
  • I work for a marketing company as the lead developer and social media consultant – I win
  • He said my marketing company wouldn’t be able to sell its services
  • Canon, Xerox, Trillium and multiple other high profile companies bought our services – My company wins

There’s more but the moral of the story is I’M NOT HIM. I don’t care what he did. Whatever he was doing that slowed him down when he was young, he was doing it wrong.

We’ve had our yelling matches before, where his main point is that he is older and therefor right. LOL, if that’s all you’ve got that your not worth talking to me in the first place. I don’t deal well with stupidity, I’ll just treat you like your stupid.

I think I’m done for now.

Moral of the Story

I worked hard to get where I am and you’ve worked hard to get where you are. You know nothing about my industry so your advice is worthless to me. If your going to make judgments based off my age and not my abilities and actions then you are not worth my time. Thank you and good night.

2 thoughts on “Don't talk down to me… I'm taller than you

  1. This kicks ASS! Seriously, that would piss me off. I’ve worked my ass off as well, to get where I am, and nothing urks me more. Especially when older doens’t mean wiser… or richer, or more successful for that matter. My own mother actually pulled this shit when I was growing up… so I beat her at everything by the time I was 25. Felt good. 🙂 Sounds like he’s trying too hard to get your respect and play some weird form of father-figure or else he’s a little jealous of you. My dad’s girlfriends have acted that way to me as well.

  2. i hate it too when people talk down to me. i’m the youngest at the company i work in, and so people think i am a kid. they like to give advices on this and that even though i didn’t ask them.

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