Punch a Wall, Not a Face

I’m a big kid, well not like fat big, but tall big. I’m 6’4″, give or take a half an inch depending on the time of day.

I’ve been lucky in the grand scheme of things I guess in that I’ve never had anyone confront me, ever. No one has has ever tried to push me around, throw a punch, make fun of me, etc. Basically, I’ve never been in a fight.

This is a good thing as I think fighting is for little kids. If you’ve got a problem with me you can’t articulate into words, once again, your not worth my time.

I got a phone call from my sister last night around 2am. She was all excited and goes:

Guess what, I just got into a fight. Some girl who stole some money from my friend showed up so I punched her and we went at it.

Bravo, you have officially accomplished nothing. Did you get the money back? No. Did her and her friends call the cops on you? Yes.

I have no problem with justice and I’m sure there will come a time when I might have to fight my way out of a situation. But maybe its my inner Buddha saying “Jon it’s harder to forgive than to be angry”.

So make peace, not war. Everyone has their issues. Breaking someones nose isn’t making any one’s day brighter.

The next time someone tries to push you around, just back off, and put yourself in their shoes for a second. What kind of fucked up life do they have that ultimately made them who they are. Just feel sorry for them and move on with your day.

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