I believe there for i am …

I went to a christian camp for about 8 years of my life, attended youth group regularly and come from a generally pretty christian upbringing. So are you surprised I don’t believe in god. I’ve heard all the arguments and it pretty much comes down to one thing with all of them, faith.

Faith = Ignorance

I believe in no thing greater than man, except maybe physics and math. Its just we know that people have been tripping on hallucinogens since way before christ, and when that fact is bought up it is ignored. Of course we are going to make up stories for things we don’t understand. But now with advances in science and technology, why do we hold on to these ancient virtues and ideals.

This leads into my next point. The Secret. *COUGH* GAY *COUGH*. Im sorry for all you Law of Attraction freaks out there but let me cut you in on a little secret. You get what you work hard for. If you finally got that promotion or car you always wanted, congratulations, you did it, not the cosmos as a reaction to your wants and needs. I just hate the idea of someone making a shitload of money off of gullible, yet able minded, individuals. What they need is a good kick in the ass instead of wasting money on books and motivational tapes about the secret.

So man up and take credit for your accomplishments, you deserve it.

5 thoughts on “I believe there for i am …

  1. Basically work hard and enjoy the outcomes.

    I completely agree.

    I’ve never been one for blind faith, I think it comes from being a science geek, science by its very nature forces us to question.

    That being said, I am also a practicing Christian. Maybe I’m just odd 🙂


  2. Insulting the Secret and Religion in the same post? You really are trying to stir the pot right out of the gate!
    To touch quickly on one point–the advances in science and technology actually make me more likely to believe, as funny as it sounds. An omniscient, omnipotent God who can track my every action makes much more sense once supercomputers became so powerful, for example. Before that, it did seem unlikely.

  3. Ha ha, sorry about that. Well I’m not sorry about bashing the secret because I still say anyone can do it. But I do love to discuss religion. Being submerged in it until I basically drowned, I find it interesting to look back at what I really believed and why I believed it. I do think the idea of a God and heaven with angels is very romantic. It’d be a hell of a place to end up in the end.

    Computer are 0’s and 1’s moving a great speeds throughout a system of chips and circuits. I hope a God we can’t understand or comprehend would be much more than something just omnipotent and omniscient.

  4. “The Secret” is just a shallow way to rationalize greed or selfishness. A way to make selfishness feel ok. It really is a bunch of twaddle. The way to achieve happiness (and this formula is true for any legitimate religion)…. is to: 1. put others first 2. forgive everyone, even the unforgiveable.
    3. have a kind heart, and an open mind 4. ease the suffering of others. If you do those things, and detach yourself from consumerism, greed and mean people, you will be happy. That has always been the goal of legitimate religions (lets say it’s like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the religion, to qualify for legit, must be, ummm say…a thousand years old, or so?) So the big 5…
    Christ, Mohammed, Jaweh, Buddha and the main Hindu dude (studied it in college but spaced it)…did i forget anyone? They all have a recipe for happiness and it’s not wishing for a new girlfriend that gives better head, or wanting an iphone. It’s all about “You first, then me” thats the way it should be…..
    Namaste, CosmicHog

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