Let Me Save Me

Someone put a “Let Jesus save you” pamphlet on my car … before a rain storm … which led to an interesting combo of leaves and Jesus ink smeared on my window.

I wonder how many of those pamphlets actually work. Are people seriously opening these things up and finding God right on the inside sleeve. Maybe I’m opening it wrong.

I just really don’t see the point. I don’t go putting pamphlets about my company on their cars … and my company could actually save them some money.

To make the situation worse, I think it was my neighbor downstairs, and I’m pretty sure she holds bible studies in her living room every Thursday. I used to rock a good bible study. Whip out some nasty proverbs that defined how my morals build better character. Now I write my own proverbs. Like….

People grow old and die unless they kill themselves.

That one’s a little dark. How about …

Be nice to your friends or they’ll talk behind your back

That’s more like it. So back to my main point I made when I first started this blog. You live your life and I’ll live mine. We can co-exist and talk about life … just not about how you’ve been “saved”.

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