Pursuit of Happiness

The Meaning of Life

I personally believe that the meaning of life is simply to survive. Look at any other form of life and you’ll see that this is a simple universal truth:

  • Trees growing toward the sun looking for energy
  • Micro-organisms multiplying
  • Animals hunt or are hunted

But I want to expand this thought process a little further.

Throughout evolution we have learned how to survive and now we strive to survive in comfort. It’s now less and less about shelter, food, water, companionship and more about the ease of acquiring and using these resources.

So with survival on the back burner … now what?

Pursuit of happiness

We’ve spent so much time “growing” as a race and “learning” as intelligent beings we have forgotten some simple truths. Surviving should be the easy part of life … whats the point in living unless you’re not having fun. The problem is society teaches us otherwise. We are taught what’s right and wrong at a young age and we still live our lives on morals that are really just ancient trains of thought. Trains of thought that were made up to explain the unexplainable.

We need to undo the mess and start living a little more:

  • Look at life with a fresh set of eyes
  • Live a little
  • Do something random
  • Do something you’ve never done before
  • Do something you never thought you would do
  • Make a few mistakes

Once people stop living in this filter we’ve created for ourselves, happiness becomes the side-effect.

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