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Last night, on the way home from the bar, my friend asked me something I never expected to here him say. “Do you believe in God”. My first reaction was to laugh which caught him off guard because he thought I was a “Jesus Freak” because of my history with bible studies, Christian camps, youth groups, etc. So he asked why and I proceeded to make a few quick points.

Well, my main point is it just seems very ridiculous when you think about it. As far as disproving common ideas about Christianity, I’ll leave that to Religulous by Bill Maher.

But seriously, does it not seem logical that we would make up gods to explain the things we didn’t understand. The only valid argument I see is what C.S. Lewis called “natural law”. Our inner realization of right and wrong. I personally credit it to our history of learning how we need to act to survive … but if you wanna say its a little voice in your head then that’s all good.

So I’ve always just not cared and not believed but it wasn’t until Bill Maher’s Religulous that I began to see how much religion is hurting civilization. So many hate crimes, wars and well … just really stupid things are being done in the name of religions.

But I’ve also been there. Ive defended my Christian faith. I refused to except logic on account of not wanting to upset “my lord and savior”. I believed certain things because I was told I had to our I was basically going to hell. At the time I couldn’t even think of questioning god because of all the friends I would lose. So I know that’s really how it is.

It just sucks a little don’t it.

If it weren’t for all the bad things happening in the name of religions I could except the good things it is doing. Like giving people hope to get through their lives.

But I am ok with not knowing. I enjoy being free of conscious restrictions. Logic and reason can change your life.

Thought this was funny. As I was making the banner I stumbled across a link to an old website of mine. This is a flash intro for my old website I had back in 2003. Bring Me To Life