A Family Band

I’m pretty sure I’ve got shit that I need to be doing right now. But I’ve had wordpress open for the last hour while listening to my 90s rock playlist and reading other blogs on g reader and I feel like I must write something. So off the top of my head right now …. is … well I like this song I guess. High and Dry by Radiohead. I also enjoy the cover by Jamie Cullum. Kids pretty bad ass with his nasty jazz playin’ skillz.

I grew up in a music scene. First concert I ever went to was U2 … I was still in my moms tummy but I was there and that’s all that matters. Actually my first concert was The Wallflowers. They played at the High School in my town when I was like in 8th grade. It was a pretty big deal when it happened because Beverly is a relatively small city up in the North Shore.

But ya. My dad used to be constantly plying the guitar. I remember listening to him at coffee houses when I was too young to really know what was going on. I’ve since picked up the guitar as well but I think he’s just a lot more creative than I am. I can get very analytical about things where as he just kind of rolls with it more. Sometimes I feel like I have just as much fun enjoying music as he does playing it. Regardless it’s still fun when we get to play together.

My sister also has a pretty kick ass voice. At first I was like, eh, she’s alright. But recently I’ve been like, what the fuck, why you and not me. Well I don’t care that much but she does have a pretty bas ass voice.

My dad jokes around about forming a band. I think it would be wicked funny but don’t know if it’s something I could commit too. However … we would have like a 7 piece band. No … that would be weird.

Whatever …. I’m gonna head over to my dads now. Peace