This past summer I was finally able to attend my first festival. The festival is the brain child of the Disco Biscuits but featured some other awesome acts. Some of my favorites included Pretty Lights, Skrillex, Wolfgang Gartner, Break Science W/ RJD2, Shpongle, Nero and 12th Planet.

The highlight of the entire weekend had to be the last night starting at around 2am with Pretty Lights and continuing on to the silent disco where things got nice and trippy. It was my first silent disco and won’t be my last.

The best part was going with great people. Hopefully next year we’ll have more great people with us and some more great memories.

Here’s the offical aftermath video :

Here’s my own little video I put together:

I Heart Wobbles

It started with this song. It made me want to jump out of airplanes, so I did. I was never big into techno, house or drum n’ bass but one thing led to another and I am now a Dubstep addict.

The filthiness of the wobbles and drops keep my brain working at peak performance as I make awesome WordPress plugins and websites. I am actually head-banging as I type this to an HD playlist of all the UKFDubstep tracks I embedded on this page. One time I was thinking about how much I miss Fresh Prince as a crazy drop started having sex with my eardrum. This is their offspring.

Another thing I learned is I love to dance. I mean I’m puertorican so I knew I was good at it, but I believe it was Rusko at this show that turned my legs into stomping machines as I proceeded to give myself whiplash.

Our next Dubstep show was Nero right after he released his new music video for Me & You. Nero redefined my idea of sweaty, drunk basements and I somehow wormed my way to the front of the crowed to catch his entire set. The pic on the left is me in the white button up. I had a lot of fun.

The next show we went to was Zeds Dead. Somehow we ended up next to the speakers which made for some great video but some sore eardrums after the fact.

There is no point to this post besides to spread the Dubstep. I spend most of my time playing in /r/dubstep on Reddit. Just let it happen.

From Stockbridge to Boston

Photo by peggydavis66

I decided to take a last minute trip out to UMass for the weekend to participate in my fraternities initiation rituals. I started documenting the better half of the night but ended up passing out around 4AM. I used to pull all nighters all the time … not anymore I guess.

My favorite part of the trip was the morning drive. First of all you have to understand I felt like crap; Dog Fish Head 90 minute IPAs were the poison that ultimately did me in. So we finish up the festivities around 7AM and I have my car packed an on the road by 8AM. Then we pass our first road signs “Entering Stockbridge” and “Boston 132 Miles”. It was the first snow of the season and the words of James Taylor had me sitting there glowing.

It sound very childish and corny but “Sweet Baby James” is a song with a lot of history for my sister and I growing up. It was the only thing that could stop my sisters crying when she would get upset about the divorce.

But it was perfect. The Berkshires looked dreamlike with 10 miles behind me … 133 to go.

Happy Thanksgiving

Oh Thanksgiving time. I love the food but I hate choosing which house to be at. It twas easier when I was younger and I was forced to go have dinner at someone house. Now that I get to choose … it sucks. I basically feel like I’m saying, “Ya I like this parents cooking more than yours”. In reality both parents are amazing cooks. I try and bounce back and forth and even do both if I can.

So this Thanksgiving, my mom took me to see the Transiberian Orchestra last night. All I have to say is holy freakin’ crap batman. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my lifetime thus far and this one takes the cake. I wasn’t really expecting such an awesome show but they pulled out all the stops; fire, smoke, snow, lasers, lights, girls and some heavy metal guitar.

That’s just a small clip of one of their more popular songs.

So ya I want to be a rock star again. Forget punk rock music … metal Christmas is where it’s at.

A Family Band

I’m pretty sure I’ve got shit that I need to be doing right now. But I’ve had wordpress open for the last hour while listening to my 90s rock playlist and reading other blogs on g reader and I feel like I must write something. So off the top of my head right now …. is … well I like this song I guess. High and Dry by Radiohead. I also enjoy the cover by Jamie Cullum. Kids pretty bad ass with his nasty jazz playin’ skillz.

I grew up in a music scene. First concert I ever went to was U2 … I was still in my moms tummy but I was there and that’s all that matters. Actually my first concert was The Wallflowers. They played at the High School in my town when I was like in 8th grade. It was a pretty big deal when it happened because Beverly is a relatively small city up in the North Shore.

But ya. My dad used to be constantly plying the guitar. I remember listening to him at coffee houses when I was too young to really know what was going on. I’ve since picked up the guitar as well but I think he’s just a lot more creative than I am. I can get very analytical about things where as he just kind of rolls with it more. Sometimes I feel like I have just as much fun enjoying music as he does playing it. Regardless it’s still fun when we get to play together.

My sister also has a pretty kick ass voice. At first I was like, eh, she’s alright. But recently I’ve been like, what the fuck, why you and not me. Well I don’t care that much but she does have a pretty bas ass voice.

My dad jokes around about forming a band. I think it would be wicked funny but don’t know if it’s something I could commit too. However … we would have like a 7 piece band. No … that would be weird.

Whatever …. I’m gonna head over to my dads now. Peace