Motivate Me With Pictures

Photo by mediaboytodd

I constantly want to feel like I am moving forward with something. I hate feeling like I could be doing the same thing for the rest of my life. So far I’ve been really good about keeping things mixed up but now I am starting to feel stuck again.

How long can I stay at one company before getting tired of the repetition. Is this the real test or should I forget it and keeping moving forward. Well, so far I’ve just made it a point to always have work to do on the side as well as constantly try and move up in the company. Once that comes to a standstill I will re-evaluate again.

But for right now … I’ve always wanted to learn how to design. I’d say I’m pretty good at picking out things I don’t like about stuff. It’s the being good at knowing what looks good that I am no good at. So I decided a little while ago I was going to create title images for all of my posts. At first this was just a random thought and know I want to fully pursue it. I will not post on this blog unless the post has some sort of header image.

Hopefully I will just get better over time all the while learning more and more about adobe creative suite. It’s funny the things I will do to motivate myself.