It's Been Awhile

Haven’t posted over here in awhile. I’ve been hard at work with Magicomm and making my own WordPress plugins. I’m starting to get to that point where the monotony of everything is getting kind of depressing. I’ve got enough vacation time to really get out and relax but no time to take a vacation.

In lighter news, my abuelita is coming to visit from Puerto Rico this weekend. We’re all headed down to Brooklyn for a cousin’s wedding. I’m always down for some Spanish food and good dancing. Plus, I think I look pretty damn good in a suit … altho I don’t know if I would like to wear one every day.

Another thing that’s been going good is my trekking. I’ve finally made it a point to get out into nature pretty regularly for some hiking, rock climbing and other nature stuff. I’m trying to get a small group to get up to New Hampshire for a couple nights on the bond cliffs but we’ve been having a hard time committing.

That’s it for now … maybe I’ll post a magic trick I learned a little later.

Motivate Me With Pictures

Photo by mediaboytodd

I constantly want to feel like I am moving forward with something. I hate feeling like I could be doing the same thing for the rest of my life. So far I’ve been really good about keeping things mixed up but now I am starting to feel stuck again.

How long can I stay at one company before getting tired of the repetition. Is this the real test or should I forget it and keeping moving forward. Well, so far I’ve just made it a point to always have work to do on the side as well as constantly try and move up in the company. Once that comes to a standstill I will re-evaluate again.

But for right now … I’ve always wanted to learn how to design. I’d say I’m pretty good at picking out things I don’t like about stuff. It’s the being good at knowing what looks good that I am no good at. So I decided a little while ago I was going to create title images for all of my posts. At first this was just a random thought and know I want to fully pursue it. I will not post on this blog unless the post has some sort of header image.

Hopefully I will just get better over time all the while learning more and more about adobe creative suite. It’s funny the things I will do to motivate myself.