The Big Move

The big move is done and over with. Now I just have to get everything situated into its rightful place. Unfortunately everything DID NOT go smoothly here’s a break down of what went wrong…

  • The landlord and my roommate miscommunicated about the pickup time for the keys and we didnt end up getting the keys until 8PM Saturday night, we were supposed to be in by noon.
  • The UHaul was delayed because their computers went down. Then they had no record of us even having the UHaul
  • Comcast canceled on us (no big surprise there)
  • The couch did not fit up the stairs (now we have to buy a futon)

So did anything go right?

  • Well our neighbors are really nice
  • We have awesome friends that came to help us move at 9PM on a Saturday night
  • The bathroom is all set up
  • My car insurance went down

But finally I am moved in. I am back in Bevtown and loving it. In between the beach and some sweet little coffee shops. All I need in life.

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