It's Been Awhile

Haven’t posted over here in awhile. I’ve been hard at work with Magicomm and making my own WordPress plugins. I’m starting to get to that point where the monotony of everything is getting kind of depressing. I’ve got enough vacation time to really get out and relax but no time to take a vacation.

In lighter news, my abuelita is coming to visit from Puerto Rico this weekend. We’re all headed down to Brooklyn for a cousin’s wedding. I’m always down for some Spanish food and good dancing. Plus, I think I look pretty damn good in a suit … altho I don’t know if I would like to wear one every day.

Another thing that’s been going good is my trekking. I’ve finally made it a point to get out into nature pretty regularly for some hiking, rock climbing and other nature stuff. I’m trying to get a small group to get up to New Hampshire for a couple nights on the bond cliffs but we’ve been having a hard time committing.

That’s it for now … maybe I’ll post a magic trick I learned a little later.

Christmas Follow Up

Photo by *Sally M*

Back to another 2.5 day work week and I have no idea what’s going on for this weekend. I feel like the more I work the more my friends kind of drift off and do their own thing. I’m not one to take it personally … its just kinda depressing.

But anyways, the one person who would hang out with me Sat night was my good ol friend George. It was an interesting night. Saw some girl I recognized and took a stab at remembering her name … I was way off. At least I tried.

Then there was a fight back inside the bar, which led outside the bar, which apparently kept going because we walked by the kids fighting again on our walk home. Fighting = Immature. Sorry I hate it.

So 20SB Secret Santa came and went. Apparently I’m a crappy Santa but oh well I tried. I ended up ordering something off of Amazon so I could get the most bang for my buck. The problem however is that Amazon’s estimated shipping times are about 6 days off so far. I’ll give it a few more days but I kinda feel bad. Kinda.

The present I received in turn was freakin awesome. It was THE Chuck Norris quote book. I’ve personally never been a big fan of Mr. Norris or that website but that book had me and my friends rolling. So Thank You whoever you are for that special little bit of Christmas awesome.

So now it’s back to work for a couple days and another long weekend. I can’t wait even tho I have no idea what I’m doing yet. Regardless I hope everyone else has a Happy New Year.

PS (Watching Religulous on Christmas eve was awesome)

Christmas Awesome

Photo By My Dad

There was a lot of Christmas Awesome that happened this past weekend. I am also looking forward to much more Christmas Awesome in the near future. I hadn’t really gotten into the holidays at all yet but a snow storm and some Christmas shopping changed that in a snap.

First off I wanna give snaps to my Jeep. You’ve provided much entertainment throughout this snowy event and I thank you greatly. Snaps should also go out to my Jeeps partner in crime, the snow. Thank you snow for piling up everywhere and allowing me to plow through you.

Second I would like to thank my step brother for not being a royal pain in the ass when I took him Christmas shopping. You were actually a lot of fun to hang out with. Sorry I couldn’t take you to the strip club afterwards, you’re only 14.

Third I would like to think the 2 random old men I gave rides to at 2 AM when they were stuck at that pizza place in town. No need to thank me, you left 20 dollars behind.

I would like to add that it’s not cool to fight when Christmas is like 3 days away. That said, my roommate and his gf win the douchiest douchebags of the week award (don’t worry guys, Willy Lopez usually wins this one every week).

Next item on the agenda would be the Christmas Awesome that happened at the bar Saturday night. One of my friends left earlier because of stomach issues. The following conversation took place about 30 minutes after he left via text message:

Friend: Yo wtf i just took a massive shit behind Walgreen’s.
Me: I love you
Friend: No like no joke it was horrible lol go by and look lol
Me: I dont really want to
Friend: Well for me you should but you prob walked to bar so its k but its horrible like a homicide scene
Me: lol next time

So in closing. Jeep wins. Looking forward to an awesome Christmas.

Things I Can't Stand

I find myself repeating myself over and over again when rationalizing the things that I say and do. I usually just wouldn’t give a dam but for my friends and family I’ll repeat myself as many times as they like. For the rest of you I’m making a list of things I can’t stand:

  • People that don’t have good relationships with their parents. I understand that in some cases there are good reasons to not have relationships. This is more about a girl I know that is a bitch to her mom for no good reason. She is also incredibly spoiled … but ya. I’m a family man.
  • People that aren’t open minded. This ones simple. I hate people that refuse to step outside of their little safe box.
  • People that are racist. I’m pretty laid back when it comes to this stuff but people in my family have not been so lucky.
  • People that try and push religion down other people’s throats. I went to 8 years of christian camp, youth group, bible studies and catacombs by choice. It was a great time in my life but I have since moved past it. Your not going to teach me anything I don’t already know. I choose to have my own beliefs or disbeliefs of my own and you can enjoy the same privilege. Lets keep it that way.
  • People that think they know everything. Because I know I know everything and that’s all that matters.
  • People that judge me by my age and appearance. If everyone started judging everyone else by how they presented themselves and their accomplishments we would be a lot better off as a society.
  • Parents that shelter their children. I was a camp counselor for years and have always loved working with kids. My younger stepbrother is one of the coolest kids I know. A lot of over concerned parents ruin their children’s youth by instilling fear. They do this out of compassion and their own fear but they don’t realize the real danger they’re doing. The odds that something will happen to your child are only decreased by such a microcosm of a percentage that its not ever worth trying to figure out. The truth is that child psychologists believe that your kid is alot less likely to have a normal social life when they grow up do to a lack of basic survival skills we develop in adolescence. Basically… let your kids be kids.
  • The Police. I know a few cool ones … but they’re about to retire so we’re all screwed. This is just because of my own personal relations with cops up to this point.
Well that’s about it for now. I’m getting to tired to think.

Frat Boy Antics

UMass homecoming is right around the corner and that means one thing for me. Drunk weekend with the brothers. I miss the good ol’ days of doing nothing, drinking a lot, and playing wiffle ball.

First off I want to clear the air on any preconceived ideas about what frats are like. I’m sorry if you had a bad experience at once, just remember, ever frat is different. Our frat for example went from 4 members in ’04’ to 20 by ’06’. We were very proud of our small numbers. Furthermore, we were all geeks. Well, geeks in the sense that we were all either comp sci or marketing majors in some form or another.

In ’06’ we acquired a full size frat house. 16 bedrooms, 4 living rooms, 2 basement rooms and 2 bathrooms. Well the 2 bathrooms part kind of sucked. There was only one shower …. and it was open….. that got interesting.

Best part about this frat house, I was president. I had the biggest room in the house. Next best part? I wasn’t even in school. I had dropped out after my freshman year and had been living in a frat house through what would have been my senior year. I think it’s the best thing that could have happened to me.

After I dropped out I began teaching as an interactive web and animation teacher. The time off from school gave me all the time in the world to prepare lectures and research new trends. I think those 3 years out of school were the most learning I had done my whole life. Once I took off the filter that is “curriculum” I began to learn more about the stuff that really interested in me.

Granted …. I was very on productive during this time. I was always broke and relied on food that was given to me. Everyone used to hang out in my room because of my SWEET SETUP, so there were always leftovers. I was very skinny back then, lol.

So looking back, I miss it. I learned so much during that time and had so much fun. That frat was the worst and best thing to ever happen to me.

End of Summer

So I’ve been fretting a little about how I havent really taken advantage of the summer like I wanted to. Well I feel that in the last couple of weeks I have reconciled this concern and am well looking forward to fall. To wrap up the last couple of weeks I’ve:

  • Gone tubing down the saco where we lost all our beer and were forced to ‘jump ship’ and save whatever we could.
  • Got interntionally sloshed at a cabin up in NH
  • Went skinny dipping with some friends in an ice cold river
  • Went boating down river to a beach near my house I never knew existed
  • Enjoyed a beautiful view of the north shore from a rocky coast while some tetrahydrocannabinol eased my mind of any worries
  • Got lost in the middle of the woods at 3AM
  • Went to an Italian festival where a firecracker display almost caught a telephone pole on fire
The whole time I had my Jeep’s top down, seat back.
So like I said…. I’m feeling pretty good about my end of summer horrah.
So how’s everyone else’s summers rounding off?

The Big Move

The big move is done and over with. Now I just have to get everything situated into its rightful place. Unfortunately everything DID NOT go smoothly here’s a break down of what went wrong…

  • The landlord and my roommate miscommunicated about the pickup time for the keys and we didnt end up getting the keys until 8PM Saturday night, we were supposed to be in by noon.
  • The UHaul was delayed because their computers went down. Then they had no record of us even having the UHaul
  • Comcast canceled on us (no big surprise there)
  • The couch did not fit up the stairs (now we have to buy a futon)

So did anything go right?

  • Well our neighbors are really nice
  • We have awesome friends that came to help us move at 9PM on a Saturday night
  • The bathroom is all set up
  • My car insurance went down

But finally I am moved in. I am back in Bevtown and loving it. In between the beach and some sweet little coffee shops. All I need in life.

Weekend at the cabin

Monday back behind my laptop at work and I can’t get my mind out of New Hampshire. I love weekends up at the cabin. We just drink, drink, play some drinking games, drink and eat food.

So what was on the menu this weekend:

  • Food
    • Lemon peppered shrimp on the BBQ
    • Burgers
    • Hot Dogs
    • Buffalo wings (from scratch)
    • Burger King
  • Drinks
    • Bud Light
    • Miller Light
    • Longhamer IPA
    • Longhamer Summer Ale
    • Longhamer Blonde Ale
    • Longhamer Ale

All in all a great weekend of food and drink. Lots of beirut and some game you play with ski poles, bottles and a frisbee.

However in true fourth of july fashion, the cops yelled at us to stop lighting off fireworks. I may be mistaken but i thought it was legal to light off fireworks on a private beach in new hampshire before 10pm. Oh well, maybe it was.