Weekend at the cabin

Monday back behind my laptop at work and I can’t get my mind out of New Hampshire. I love weekends up at the cabin. We just drink, drink, play some drinking games, drink and eat food.

So what was on the menu this weekend:

  • Food
    • Lemon peppered shrimp on the BBQ
    • Burgers
    • Hot Dogs
    • Buffalo wings (from scratch)
    • Burger King
  • Drinks
    • Bud Light
    • Miller Light
    • Longhamer IPA
    • Longhamer Summer Ale
    • Longhamer Blonde Ale
    • Longhamer Ale

All in all a great weekend of food and drink. Lots of beirut and some game you play with ski poles, bottles and a frisbee.

However in true fourth of july fashion, the cops yelled at us to stop lighting off fireworks. I may be mistaken but i thought it was legal to light off fireworks on a private beach in new hampshire before 10pm. Oh well, maybe it was.

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