I've got a BS in Life

Freshman year in college and I knew exactly what I wanted to do; I wanted to make interactive websites for both entertainment and marketing purposes. Much to my dismay, no such classes existed. In fact, the one class that came close was a ‘CMPSCI 397D/591U(553): Interactive Web Animation’, which was taught by a friend of mine. After an easy semester I was offered a job teaching the class in place of my graduating friend. I spent the next 3 years teaching the class to grad students and continuing education students. In that 3 year span, people slowly began to assume I had graduated with a Comp Sci degree only because of the knowledge i had acquired and the way i presented myself.

Now this brings me to my point. We need a new way to prove our worth, other than a standardized test. I mean i guess its a good start however what about people that didn’t have the time or money to complete college but have more to offer than a college grad. I personally think my resume speaks for itself and if your smart you’ll hire me based on my abilities and not a piece of paper.

The alternative is to have an array of certifications one can take to prove themselves within a certain field. The Internet can teach me more than any teacher at this point. Between video lectures, tutorials, wikis, etc there is a wealth of untapped information out there waiting to be consumed. All i did was start eating and I’ve landed my dream job.

People still assume I have a degree from UMass Amherst and most clients are shocked when I tell them I’ve only completed my freshman year. Our new marketing guy is straight out of college with a marketing degree and he is still years behind me when it comes to knowledge about the field.

It’s funny tho. I was a straight A student in high school talking about getting a PHD and now 4 years later I’m relieved I didn’t waste my time.

My social slump

Living out in Amherst at UMass had to of been some of the best times I’ve had so far in this 22 year span I’ve called my life. I was president of a 16 room frat house with parties every weekend and people hanging out in my room 24/7.

Now, I’ve been living at my moms for the last 6 months, 45 minutes away from all of my friends, and i work from 9AM to 6PM every day. So in a nutshell, I’m going insane.

I’ve just got myself out of credit card debt. Stupid credit cards! And im finally looking at my own place closer to my friends (and the beach).

So now to begin part deux of my social life. My plan is to change my hours to 8-5 so i could get out earlier and possibly go out after work. Definately hoping to maybe meet someone now, I might be off my game, but I guess we’ll see.

I believe there for i am …

I went to a christian camp for about 8 years of my life, attended youth group regularly and come from a generally pretty christian upbringing. So are you surprised I don’t believe in god. I’ve heard all the arguments and it pretty much comes down to one thing with all of them, faith.

Faith = Ignorance

I believe in no thing greater than man, except maybe physics and math. Its just we know that people have been tripping on hallucinogens since way before christ, and when that fact is bought up it is ignored. Of course we are going to make up stories for things we don’t understand. But now with advances in science and technology, why do we hold on to these ancient virtues and ideals.

This leads into my next point. The Secret. *COUGH* GAY *COUGH*. Im sorry for all you Law of Attraction freaks out there but let me cut you in on a little secret. You get what you work hard for. If you finally got that promotion or car you always wanted, congratulations, you did it, not the cosmos as a reaction to your wants and needs. I just hate the idea of someone making a shitload of money off of gullible, yet able minded, individuals. What they need is a good kick in the ass instead of wasting money on books and motivational tapes about the secret.

So man up and take credit for your accomplishments, you deserve it.

I've given in!

I finally gave in and started a new blog for my own personal rants. I also have a blog at JonBishop.org however I try to keep that educational. I don’t have much to write about today due to the fact that today was pretty boring. Why was today boring, well the same reason yesterday was boring, I work in a cubicle programming stuff. I’ll go home and play around online and tomorrow I’ll do the work thing all over again.

My life isn’t completely boring tho, as you’ll soon find out…