UMass Homecoming

This past weekend was homecoming at UMass Amherst. I would have written about this sooner but I’ve been pretty sick the last couple of days.

So I arrived Friday night at the current president of my old frat’s house. A couple of the guys had already arrived so we immediately went inside and started the festivities with some beer pong. I won my first game of beer pong of the weekend in triple over time so i decided to call it quits and go undefeated.

We then went to the bar where we waited in line for about 30 minutes. While waiting in line, this girl behind me asks how many people are in front of my. I told her about 15 or so and she then calls me an asshole.


I was very confused at this point so in my semi drunken stupor I replied …. I think I’m more of a douche bag than an asshole. She agreed and continued to be a drunk bitch. I hate drunk bitches.

So we finally got inside and I bought a pitcher of the fine stuff …. bud light …. which was gone in about 2 minutes. I’m pretty sure one of my buddies just grabbed the pitcher and chugged it.

I had enough at this point so me and a couple other guys left early and went back to the house to drink with the rest of the underage kids.

The next day was tailgating galore. It was great to see so many old friends.

That night I went out and bough 7 30s to contribute to the nights stockpile and the party began.

Note: Girls …. writing stuff across your boobs will get you extra beer

I’m sorry but I’m a guy and when I’m drunk … not gonna lie… it works

The night was great tho. The sox won. I got really drunk. We all danced and drank till the wee hours of the morning.

I finally decided to crash at around 4AM at my buddies house down the street. So I’m just about to pass out when my buddies roommate comes storming in drunk yelling WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU. He flipped over his couch and he’s throwing shit around. He yells WHY IS EVERYONE SLEEPING …. ITS DRINKY TIME. I just put my pillow over my head and prayed form morning.

Finally morning came. It was a lazy Sunday. Me and my friend Pat drove down to Springfield where we went and saw Max Payne. Then I dropped him off in Gardner and was back to the North Shore by arount 7.

Monday morning I woke up sick as a dog. I guess my body cant handle it anymore. Oh well. I’ll be back there some time next month for Round 2

Beam me up … sometime soon

What’s taking so long for teleportation to get invented. I mean seriously, I’ve got people to see and not enough time in the day or money in my pocket. Distance sucks! There are so many people I’ve lost contact with due to distance and I’m through. The interwebz takes my thoughts and words where ever but I wanna be there too.

AND ANOTHER THING. College fucks with your head once its over. The people you used to see every day are now half way across the country. Maybe I’ll see them some time within the next 5 years but the nostalgia is enough to kill a small animal. OK, well I don’t exactly know how that would work, but you get catch my drift.

So come on planet earth, we’ve invented some crazy shit in the past, now where’s my teleportation device. If that’s too much to ask for then give me a car that runs off of anything but gas. I know we have alternatives but we’ve only scratched the surface. I want to buy a car and never have to worry about fueling my energy source ever again. Whatever aliens are doing, just steal that technology.

I've got a BS in Life

Freshman year in college and I knew exactly what I wanted to do; I wanted to make interactive websites for both entertainment and marketing purposes. Much to my dismay, no such classes existed. In fact, the one class that came close was a ‘CMPSCI 397D/591U(553): Interactive Web Animation’, which was taught by a friend of mine. After an easy semester I was offered a job teaching the class in place of my graduating friend. I spent the next 3 years teaching the class to grad students and continuing education students. In that 3 year span, people slowly began to assume I had graduated with a Comp Sci degree only because of the knowledge i had acquired and the way i presented myself.

Now this brings me to my point. We need a new way to prove our worth, other than a standardized test. I mean i guess its a good start however what about people that didn’t have the time or money to complete college but have more to offer than a college grad. I personally think my resume speaks for itself and if your smart you’ll hire me based on my abilities and not a piece of paper.

The alternative is to have an array of certifications one can take to prove themselves within a certain field. The Internet can teach me more than any teacher at this point. Between video lectures, tutorials, wikis, etc there is a wealth of untapped information out there waiting to be consumed. All i did was start eating and I’ve landed my dream job.

People still assume I have a degree from UMass Amherst and most clients are shocked when I tell them I’ve only completed my freshman year. Our new marketing guy is straight out of college with a marketing degree and he is still years behind me when it comes to knowledge about the field.

It’s funny tho. I was a straight A student in high school talking about getting a PHD and now 4 years later I’m relieved I didn’t waste my time.