Happy Thanksgiving

Oh Thanksgiving time. I love the food but I hate choosing which house to be at. It twas easier when I was younger and I was forced to go have dinner at someone house. Now that I get to choose … it sucks. I basically feel like I’m saying, “Ya I like this parents cooking more than yours”. In reality both parents are amazing cooks. I try and bounce back and forth and even do both if I can.

So this Thanksgiving, my mom took me to see the Transiberian Orchestra last night. All I have to say is holy freakin’ crap batman. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my lifetime thus far and this one takes the cake. I wasn’t really expecting such an awesome show but they pulled out all the stops; fire, smoke, snow, lasers, lights, girls and some heavy metal guitar.

That’s just a small clip of one of their more popular songs.

So ya I want to be a rock star again. Forget punk rock music … metal Christmas is where it’s at.

2 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Hmmm…I can definitely relate. Fortunately, I still have a younger sister who lives at home, so I just go where my parents tell her to go…also, we’ve kind of just gotten into a system where we alternate whether we’re with my dad or my mom each Thanksgiving. That tends to work…

  2. They always play in Pittsburgh around Christmas time, and I know a couple people who ahve gone. Every single person says it was absolutely amazing. Glad you had fun!!

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