The Start of Something Good


So I’m failing at keeping this thing updated but in all fairness I’ve had a busy month. The holidays were a breath of fresh air compared to life since I moved to Boston a few months ago. Work became a bit too overwhelming and there were too much I wanted to do. I had made the decision to try and settle down somewhere full time a few months prior and since my last blog post I’ve now reached that goal.

So I’ve completed my third week at my new job and so far I’m loving it. The people are great, the work is challenging and the environment is exactly what I need. Best part is I can see the TD Garden, the Zakim Bridge, the U.S.S. Constitution and part of the North End right from my desk.

The best part about starting a new job is a chance to start fresh. I’m starting fresh as a developer, a boyfriend and a Bostonian. These last three weeks have felt great and I couldn’t be more excited for the future.

Christmas Follow Up

Photo by *Sally M*

Back to another 2.5 day work week and I have no idea what’s going on for this weekend. I feel like the more I work the more my friends kind of drift off and do their own thing. I’m not one to take it personally … its just kinda depressing.

But anyways, the one person who would hang out with me Sat night was my good ol friend George. It was an interesting night. Saw some girl I recognized and took a stab at remembering her name … I was way off. At least I tried.

Then there was a fight back inside the bar, which led outside the bar, which apparently kept going because we walked by the kids fighting again on our walk home. Fighting = Immature. Sorry I hate it.

So 20SB Secret Santa came and went. Apparently I’m a crappy Santa but oh well I tried. I ended up ordering something off of Amazon so I could get the most bang for my buck. The problem however is that Amazon’s estimated shipping times are about 6 days off so far. I’ll give it a few more days but I kinda feel bad. Kinda.

The present I received in turn was freakin awesome. It was THE Chuck Norris quote book. I’ve personally never been a big fan of Mr. Norris or that website but that book had me and my friends rolling. So Thank You whoever you are for that special little bit of Christmas awesome.

So now it’s back to work for a couple days and another long weekend. I can’t wait even tho I have no idea what I’m doing yet. Regardless I hope everyone else has a Happy New Year.

PS (Watching Religulous on Christmas eve was awesome)

Christmas Awesome

Photo By My Dad

There was a lot of Christmas Awesome that happened this past weekend. I am also looking forward to much more Christmas Awesome in the near future. I hadn’t really gotten into the holidays at all yet but a snow storm and some Christmas shopping changed that in a snap.

First off I wanna give snaps to my Jeep. You’ve provided much entertainment throughout this snowy event and I thank you greatly. Snaps should also go out to my Jeeps partner in crime, the snow. Thank you snow for piling up everywhere and allowing me to plow through you.

Second I would like to thank my step brother for not being a royal pain in the ass when I took him Christmas shopping. You were actually a lot of fun to hang out with. Sorry I couldn’t take you to the strip club afterwards, you’re only 14.

Third I would like to think the 2 random old men I gave rides to at 2 AM when they were stuck at that pizza place in town. No need to thank me, you left 20 dollars behind.

I would like to add that it’s not cool to fight when Christmas is like 3 days away. That said, my roommate and his gf win the douchiest douchebags of the week award (don’t worry guys, Willy Lopez usually wins this one every week).

Next item on the agenda would be the Christmas Awesome that happened at the bar Saturday night. One of my friends left earlier because of stomach issues. The following conversation took place about 30 minutes after he left via text message:

Friend: Yo wtf i just took a massive shit behind Walgreen’s.
Me: I love you
Friend: No like no joke it was horrible lol go by and look lol
Me: I dont really want to
Friend: Well for me you should but you prob walked to bar so its k but its horrible like a homicide scene
Me: lol next time

So in closing. Jeep wins. Looking forward to an awesome Christmas.

Happy Thanksgiving

Oh Thanksgiving time. I love the food but I hate choosing which house to be at. It twas easier when I was younger and I was forced to go have dinner at someone house. Now that I get to choose … it sucks. I basically feel like I’m saying, “Ya I like this parents cooking more than yours”. In reality both parents are amazing cooks. I try and bounce back and forth and even do both if I can.

So this Thanksgiving, my mom took me to see the Transiberian Orchestra last night. All I have to say is holy freakin’ crap batman. I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my lifetime thus far and this one takes the cake. I wasn’t really expecting such an awesome show but they pulled out all the stops; fire, smoke, snow, lasers, lights, girls and some heavy metal guitar.

That’s just a small clip of one of their more popular songs.

So ya I want to be a rock star again. Forget punk rock music … metal Christmas is where it’s at.

My Jeep Weekend

I haven’t written in awhile and here’s why. My Jeep. I love my Jeep. It’s been very nice recently and I’ve wasted no time, and alot of gas, getting that thing out on the road with the top off. There’s nothing like it. Especially when you catch a warm sunset by the ocean.

Now is it worth it? I find myself broke by wednesday because gas is so expensive, but you know what? I dont care. I’ve wanted a wrangler forever, legit, forever. And now I’ve got it. So I’m gonna drive it till it breaks (please don’t break).

So there it is. My minipost of greatness. My car being the greatness.

Happy 4th of July… I hope

Me and some friends drove up to New Hampshire today to buy some fireworks for our 4th of July and I began to reminisce of 4th of July pasts.

July 3rd 2007

Danvers, MA has some of the best fireworks in Eastern, MA the day before July 4th. I’ve been going to them for years. Well last year I met up with some old friend and their families, and some drunk dude started mouthing off to my friends older sister. Things escalated and we had me and 3 friends ready to fight this 1 drunk ‘tough guy’. Finally a cop came along and ended up chasing and tackling the guy to the ground.

July 4th 2006

Me and my friend Amy were at a nearby park with my ex girlfriend and her boyfriend. There was much tension in the air and somehow I ended up carrying the beer for my ex in her old backpack in a park heavily monitored by the police (Note: I was 20 at the time). Well my ex decided it would be a good idea to sneak into a fenced off area in front of some cops so of course we were confronted and I was the one holding the beer. Luckily I got off however my ex had the nerve to yell at me for putting the beer cans the cops had me empty back into her backpack.

July 4th 2005

I went down to Florida with my family and my cousins bought a SHITLOAD of fireworks. Long story short on this one, don’t put mortars and repeaters on the same plank of wood in a small back yard. Mortar went off and knocked over the repeaters and we have a made for TV video of epic pandemonium as 50 flares are shot in our direction in a slur of whistles explosions and smoke.

July 3rd 2004

This is my worst one yet. A friend of mine invited me to a BBQ that one of his high school friends was throwing. He had bought a keg and there were only about 22 of us in attendance. Well, at around 11:30 the cops coming busting into the backyard with guns drawn, a drug dog, and a video camera. It was a raid. Turns out the kid throwing the party was on probation and the party was a small violation of that probation. To make matters worse, the town we were in, Hamiltion MA, to put it nicely, SUCKS. So they decide to make an example and they arrest all 22 of us. They had to split us into to groups because the couldn’t fit us into all the cells. I was in my cell from midnight until 7am. This was my only run in with the law up to this point and even to this day however I will never forget it. The one thing that really sticks out in my mind are the first words the cop yelled to me… “DROP THE CHICKEN WING”.