Family Values

So I checked the 20SB forum to see what was up and I saw the question, “What are you passionate about?”

One thing I value above all else is my family.

Growing up, me and my sister did a lot of traveling between our separated parents. This segmented the family into two separate families, both of which we love equally.

So, child support can be a bitch for an underpaid carpenter living in northern Massachusetts, and needless to say, my family was always there to help. I remember growing up in a large blue house that my mom and dad had bought and my dad had kept after the separation. He would rent out the rooms to be able to afford mortgage payments. Some of the residents of that house are still considered family to this day.

I moved in with my grandmother during her last year as a teacher to have her as my 6th grade math teacher. During this time she kept me very active in extracurricular activities…. and math. It formed the bases of my knowledge of math and sciences as well as set the course for the path I would lead to become what I am now. I was even asked to give a speech in front of the whole school to commemorate my grandmother on her last day as a teacher.

So back to my father for a second. He had several girlfriends after him and my mom separated. Finally he settled on the “red headed vixen from Minnesota”, those are his words, her name was Jean. She had 3 kids when she met my dad. This was about 11 years ago I think. My dad finally married Jean about 2 months ago and officially connected the two families.

I love my step family. I now have:

  • DJ: crazy 14 yr old steb-bro
  • Erin: cool 20 yr old step-sis
  • Sara: Independent 24 yr old step-sis
  • Kayleigh: The one and only KK Bishop aka my sister


So my sister, Erin and I spend a lot of time together because we’re so close in age, and it is a lot of fun. DJ visits his mom on the weekends so I try and make it a point to spend my weekends at my dads so he doesn’t go crazy.

Now my mom’s side is just as great … just located a little farther away. Most of the family lives in Puerto Rico however we have a handful of relatives in New York and Florida. They’re always just a phone call away any time we need a little help.

I could go on and on about my family… so I will in later posts. But my main point with this post is to stress to others how important family really is. Their the one’s you can really rely on and will always really be there for you. There something about sharing a last name that makes your bond so much stronger. My sister and I are inseparable, and I couldn’t picture it any other way. One of my biggest turn-offs is when a girl doesn’t get along with her family. I was brought up differently and couldn’t imagine life without them.

Life's a Game, Play It Well

I haven’t decided whether I just can’t take being told im wrong about something or if other people have a hard time justifying their arguments. I feel like ad hominem’s have become legitimate forms of argument. Maybe I should put it on myself to stop getting into it with people. Maybe some people just don’t care as much as I do. Shit, maybe it’s MY PROBLEM.

I’m not going to start getting a “cuz I said so” type of attitude. But maybe just start throwing in the white flag and giving a sarcastic “fine you win”. I tend to get riled up pretty easily.

I just love rational argument; going against the grain and the meaning of life. LOVE IT. If anything, the meaning of life is in figuring it out. We’ve got brains, lets challenge each other.

I guess that would mean that the meaning of life is competition. We do it our whole lives…. video games, sports, school, work, conversation.

But maybe Im just a competitive self absorbed know it all. Either way I’m having a good time.

So the name of the game is “Survival”, the game board is our universe and we are the peices. Play to come out on top, whether that means happiness or success.

The Big Move

The big move is done and over with. Now I just have to get everything situated into its rightful place. Unfortunately everything DID NOT go smoothly here’s a break down of what went wrong…

  • The landlord and my roommate miscommunicated about the pickup time for the keys and we didnt end up getting the keys until 8PM Saturday night, we were supposed to be in by noon.
  • The UHaul was delayed because their computers went down. Then they had no record of us even having the UHaul
  • Comcast canceled on us (no big surprise there)
  • The couch did not fit up the stairs (now we have to buy a futon)

So did anything go right?

  • Well our neighbors are really nice
  • We have awesome friends that came to help us move at 9PM on a Saturday night
  • The bathroom is all set up
  • My car insurance went down

But finally I am moved in. I am back in Bevtown and loving it. In between the beach and some sweet little coffee shops. All I need in life.

My Jeep Weekend

I haven’t written in awhile and here’s why. My Jeep. I love my Jeep. It’s been very nice recently and I’ve wasted no time, and alot of gas, getting that thing out on the road with the top off. There’s nothing like it. Especially when you catch a warm sunset by the ocean.

Now is it worth it? I find myself broke by wednesday because gas is so expensive, but you know what? I dont care. I’ve wanted a wrangler forever, legit, forever. And now I’ve got it. So I’m gonna drive it till it breaks (please don’t break).

So there it is. My minipost of greatness. My car being the greatness.

I've given in!

I finally gave in and started a new blog for my own personal rants. I also have a blog at however I try to keep that educational. I don’t have much to write about today due to the fact that today was pretty boring. Why was today boring, well the same reason yesterday was boring, I work in a cubicle programming stuff. I’ll go home and play around online and tomorrow I’ll do the work thing all over again.

My life isn’t completely boring tho, as you’ll soon find out…