Something's Gotta Give

I feel like I’m stuck in a very awkward position. I guess it shouldn’t really be a problem, however this is where one of my personality traits gets exploited and I don;t know what to do.

Basically, I don’t know if I like my job anymore. The workload is going up and my salary is staying the same.

Another thing that’s bothers me is when people think they know how to do my job. I don’t pretend to know how to do yours …. so don’t pretend you know how to do mine. What happens is you just lower your level of intelligence down a few notches by proving you think you know what your talking about when you really don’t. Save your confidence for something you can stand by.

Case in point:
The Problem: “Can’t connect to two database connections within the same content management system at the same time”
Proposed Solution: “Do them one at a time”

If you couldn’t figure it out yourself, the previous “solution” is obvious, however it is also obviously not that easy.


So I am feeling under appreciated, underpaid, and under motivated. I’m hoping fall will cheer me up a little bit. Fall in the north shore is my favorite time and place combo ever. I mean if you don’t count buffalo and chicken (best combo ever).

The other thing that would cheer me up is obviously a pay raise, some praise and maybe the motivation thing will fall into place.

My Goal in Life: Being Promoted a Door

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening/middle-of-the-night JD’s readers. I’m wonderfully honored to be guest blogging over here today while you’ll find Jon over on my site, compliments of the fabulous 20-Something Bloggers. The quickest tid-bits that’ll give you a glimpse into my world is this: I’m 26 years old, living in Austin, I have two dogs, am dating a Jon (always a great name), I have a relatively new job in the music industry, I work in human resources, and I’ve recently gone back to school to finish my degree in HR Management. Sadly, this pretty much sums me up in a nut shell (serves me right for taking on work and school I guess). This morning I arrived in the office, as always, thirty minutes earlier than the rest of crew and once AGAIN, found my stapler gone missing. Sounds crazy, I know, how this could possibly aggravate me… so here’s my story.

Over the past few months- well, couple of years really- I’ve begun to realize just how absolutely, utterly and undeniably fucking annoying it is to have an office smack-dab in the middle of the daily office traffic jam. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve often relished in the fact that I see everyone each morning and get to smile (and occasionally annoy) them with my “GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!” comment, hear all the latest gossip and news, and otherwise get to be included in on all the action- company-related or not. However, having a desk out in the open must have an invisible sign that reads, “Community Property”. Or maybe even, “Office Supplies Found Here!” in neon lights.

At my last place of employment, I was required to share my desk with others so they could cover my responsibilities while I was out to lunch or on vacation. I’d come back with a mound of scattered papers on my desk… so I’d sigh, scoop them up and haul off to my back-up’s area.

“Hey girl. Um, are these yours?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot those! Thanks.”

Pieces of hole punches would be littered across my desk, pens missing, radio still on (my station changed), and grease smeared on my phone. Yes. Grease. From certain individuals eating at my desk when there had existed a not-so-enforced company policy of no-eating-at-your-desk. Apparently, it excluded other people’s desks. Worse, the same person would routinely stop by my desk later in the day to ask if I have seen this and that of hers (occasionally even taking whatever it was of mine, given I had a replica).

More recently I’ve decided that even the smallest items I have strategically placed on my desk for convenience, have LEGS. Because somehow, they run off. Stickies, pens, my stapler and tape (those in which I usually hunt down across the building somewhere), you name it… I turn around about every other day and they’re GONE. Whole notebooks I had MY OWN NOTES ON would disappear. On occasion, someone will actually ask me to borrow something and I’d gladly let them haul off with it. Two days later, I’d get in early and have to perform my crazy scavenger hunt throughout the office to retrieve that item. I bet the view from the security cameras is quite hilarious.

Now really, I’m not this much of a hog or snob as I probably sound. I’m actually really laid back and great at sharing. However after nine years of this, I’m ready to post signs, wrap warning DO NOT CROSS tape everywhere, and otherwise take back my damn desk. In armor with a sword, readily waiting to chop off limbs reaching for my things.

After spending the weekend registering for the fall semester, hunting for the cheapest possible used spine-holding-on-by-a-thread textbooks I’m required to have next month and otherwise sorting through my budget for school and textbook payments, I began the official breakdown. I’ve been in a corporate environment going on ten years… five years exempt-level… four years HR, one of those years exempt. I have two years going at the not-so-fulltime-pace of school left to finish and by then, I’ll be certified as a PHR. The conclusion is this: I should be promoted to having an office with a DOOR within three to four years. Five max.

Honestly, given I’m in human resources, this isn’t exactly asking for a whole lot. Currently to have the confidential conversations my duties tend to require of me, I have to jump through the hoops of booking one of the conference rooms (I already need my armor and fencing skills for that task as it is) or wander outside to the park benches in 100+ degree Texas heat all geared up in work attire. The highlight of my days, as always.

One day, oh just maybe one day, I’ll get that door promotion I dream of for my future. A door where I can hang a sign that reads, “Welcome to Vegas: What’s Said Here, Stays Here” or something cheesy to that effect. In the meantime however, as I try to be patient with those around me, I might just write up a company posting on office etiquette. Or post a huge sign on my desk that reads “Everything HERE stays HERE ASSHOLES”.

Your marketing smells like shit

No it’s not what you think. I’m talking about people who love the sound of their own voice and try way to hard to make themselves sound smart.

I work for a marketing company, and part of the reason why I do so well is because I am passionate about what I do. When i talk to a client I came make them believe in whatever I am selling them because I honestly believe it as well.

The problem is when marketers don’t know what theyre talking about. I develop a nervous tick in my left eye and my gut stats churning. Every word they spew just reaks of bullshit.

So here’s what you need to do:

  • Cut the shit
  • Keep it simple
  • Keep it short
  • Know what your talking about
  • Believe what your talking about

That’s my recipe for success right there. Enjoy!

Don't talk down to me… I'm taller than you

This will be my first true venting post.

I HATE being talked down to. My moms boyfriend thinks he’s hot shit. He’s “been in business since before I was born”. Just now, while talking to me, he told me that he just gave me $100,000 worth of advice in 28 minutes that took him years in college to learn.


If you spent $100,000 dollars on an education that you can spit back at me in 28 minutes you fucked up BAD. Okay I know that’s stretching it a bit. But I know what he was doing.

I don’t want to completely bash the guy because he is very good to my mom. He just treats me like a failure. He’s not so good at the whole positive reinforcement thing. Everything he said I couldn’t do because “he couldn’t do it when he was my age”, IVE DONE.

  • He said I wouldn’t be able to get a job playing video games.
  • I taught 12 year olds how to make video games at MIT for a whole summer – I win
  • He said I would end up working at market basket without a degree.
  • I work for a marketing company as the lead developer and social media consultant – I win
  • He said my marketing company wouldn’t be able to sell its services
  • Canon, Xerox, Trillium and multiple other high profile companies bought our services – My company wins

There’s more but the moral of the story is I’M NOT HIM. I don’t care what he did. Whatever he was doing that slowed him down when he was young, he was doing it wrong.

We’ve had our yelling matches before, where his main point is that he is older and therefor right. LOL, if that’s all you’ve got that your not worth talking to me in the first place. I don’t deal well with stupidity, I’ll just treat you like your stupid.

I think I’m done for now.

Moral of the Story

I worked hard to get where I am and you’ve worked hard to get where you are. You know nothing about my industry so your advice is worthless to me. If your going to make judgments based off my age and not my abilities and actions then you are not worth my time. Thank you and good night.

I've got a BS in Life

Freshman year in college and I knew exactly what I wanted to do; I wanted to make interactive websites for both entertainment and marketing purposes. Much to my dismay, no such classes existed. In fact, the one class that came close was a ‘CMPSCI 397D/591U(553): Interactive Web Animation’, which was taught by a friend of mine. After an easy semester I was offered a job teaching the class in place of my graduating friend. I spent the next 3 years teaching the class to grad students and continuing education students. In that 3 year span, people slowly began to assume I had graduated with a Comp Sci degree only because of the knowledge i had acquired and the way i presented myself.

Now this brings me to my point. We need a new way to prove our worth, other than a standardized test. I mean i guess its a good start however what about people that didn’t have the time or money to complete college but have more to offer than a college grad. I personally think my resume speaks for itself and if your smart you’ll hire me based on my abilities and not a piece of paper.

The alternative is to have an array of certifications one can take to prove themselves within a certain field. The Internet can teach me more than any teacher at this point. Between video lectures, tutorials, wikis, etc there is a wealth of untapped information out there waiting to be consumed. All i did was start eating and I’ve landed my dream job.

People still assume I have a degree from UMass Amherst and most clients are shocked when I tell them I’ve only completed my freshman year. Our new marketing guy is straight out of college with a marketing degree and he is still years behind me when it comes to knowledge about the field.

It’s funny tho. I was a straight A student in high school talking about getting a PHD and now 4 years later I’m relieved I didn’t waste my time.

My social slump

Living out in Amherst at UMass had to of been some of the best times I’ve had so far in this 22 year span I’ve called my life. I was president of a 16 room frat house with parties every weekend and people hanging out in my room 24/7.

Now, I’ve been living at my moms for the last 6 months, 45 minutes away from all of my friends, and i work from 9AM to 6PM every day. So in a nutshell, I’m going insane.

I’ve just got myself out of credit card debt. Stupid credit cards! And im finally looking at my own place closer to my friends (and the beach).

So now to begin part deux of my social life. My plan is to change my hours to 8-5 so i could get out earlier and possibly go out after work. Definately hoping to maybe meet someone now, I might be off my game, but I guess we’ll see.

I believe there for i am …

I went to a christian camp for about 8 years of my life, attended youth group regularly and come from a generally pretty christian upbringing. So are you surprised I don’t believe in god. I’ve heard all the arguments and it pretty much comes down to one thing with all of them, faith.

Faith = Ignorance

I believe in no thing greater than man, except maybe physics and math. Its just we know that people have been tripping on hallucinogens since way before christ, and when that fact is bought up it is ignored. Of course we are going to make up stories for things we don’t understand. But now with advances in science and technology, why do we hold on to these ancient virtues and ideals.

This leads into my next point. The Secret. *COUGH* GAY *COUGH*. Im sorry for all you Law of Attraction freaks out there but let me cut you in on a little secret. You get what you work hard for. If you finally got that promotion or car you always wanted, congratulations, you did it, not the cosmos as a reaction to your wants and needs. I just hate the idea of someone making a shitload of money off of gullible, yet able minded, individuals. What they need is a good kick in the ass instead of wasting money on books and motivational tapes about the secret.

So man up and take credit for your accomplishments, you deserve it.